Menil Policies

Photography and Video Policy

The Menil Collection seeks to provide a quiet and contemplative environment for viewing works of art. Due to this, we ask that you refrain from photography within the galleries.

The museum permits casual photography in the foyer and corridors of our main building and in the entry spaces of the Menil’s art buildings. We do not allow photo shoots, tripods, selfie sticks, or flash photography in our buildings.

We allow professional portrait shoots in our green spaces. Advance permission is not required for these outdoor portrait shoots. Please don’t touch the outdoor sculptures.

The Menil does not allow commercial shoots or large-scale productions. For special exceptions, please contact press@menil.org two weeks ahead of your requested shoot date.

Prohibited items and activities include confetti or small items that are thrown and litter the grounds; smoke cannons; furniture props; and the use of museum restrooms for outfit changes.

All other image inquiries, including those related to scholarship and research, should be directed to rights@menil.org. More information on how to request images is located here.

Menil Park and Green Space Policy

Hours and Permissions

  1. Green spaces are open daily from dawn to dusk.
  2. Written permission is required prior to any special use, such as a class, performance, or any other function that impacts use by the general public.
  3. Please address any questions to 713-525-9400.

Prohibited Items and Activities

  1. Glass containers
  2. Amplified music
  3. Littering; please use trash receptacles or appropriate recycling containers.
  4. Alcoholic beverages
  5. Open fires or grills and furnishings (such as tables or lanterns)
  6. Smoking
  7. Unlicensed possession of firearms
  8. Hammocks, slacklines, or tightropes
  9. Climbing on trees or touching sculptures.

Vehicles and Transportation

  1. Motorized vehicles, including scooters, are prohibited off roadways and beyond parking areas.
  2. Transportation on skateboards or bicycles is welcome, but upon arrival please dismount and walk or carry any non-motorized vehicle across the grass.


  1. Dogs must remain leashed.
  2. Pet owners are required to pick up after pets.

The Menil does not allow organized classes, performances, or events outside of museum programs. Groups must not block walkways from other visitors. Solicitation and advertising on campus is not permitted. We regret that we cannot accommodate weddings or large gatherings.

For special requests call 713-525-9400. Please visit our Contact page if you have additional questions.

Learn more about the surrounding green spaces by visiting Menil Park and Neighborhood.