Loan and Image Requests

Loan Requests from The Menil Collection

All borrowing institutions must meet certain standards of security, staffing and environmental requirements for loan approval. Borrowers are responsible for the direct costs of loans which may include (but are not limited to) preparation, conservation treatment, matting/framing or mounts, vitrines and/or security hardware, packing, crating, handling, transportation and courier costs, and insurance which is typically maintained under The Menil Collection’s fine art policy. Loan fees for non-profit institutions are $250 per object, per venue.

How to Borrow a Work from The Menil Collection

Please send a formal letter of request to the attention of Director, Rebecca Rabinow via email to loanrequests@menil.org or via regular mail to:

Rebecca Rabinow, Director
The Menil Collection
1511 Branard
Houston, TX 77006

• The letter should include the exhibition title, dates and venue(s) as well as a clear exhibition synopsis detailing relevance of requested object(s) to the exhibition
• Work(s) requested including the Menil accession number(s)
• A completed American Alliance of Museums standard facility report for all venues requested
• A contact name, email address and telephone number for the coordinating registrar

Please submit the request a minimum of 1 year in advance for all domestic requests and 18 months in advance for all international requests to allow sufficient time for the review and approval of each venue’s facility report and environmental conditions, for consideration and approval of the request at the Menil’s quarterly review meetings, and for conservation treatment and preparation of the work(s). We recommend submitting requests with as much advance notice as possible as our capacity to approve loan requests is limited.

For new borrowers and borrowers whose facilities have undergone renovations, The Menil Collection requires a minimum of six months of satisfactory environmental readings before a loan can be approved. For more information, please contact loanrequests@menil.org

Ordering Images

Please download and complete the Image Request Form.

Submit your request by emailing the form to: rights@menil.org

You may also mail the form to:

Imaging Services
The Menil Collection
1511 Branard Street
Houston, TX 77006

Once we have reviewed and accepted your request, you will receive an agreement with our conditions for reproduction of the image(s). A fee for the use of photographic materials and any applicable reproduction and shipping fees will be included.

Return the agreement with your payment and please allow 2–4 weeks for your request to be processed. The Menil Collection must receive payment and two copies of the signed contract before the requested materials can be sent.

Prepayment is required in the form of checks payable in U.S. dollars, wire transfers, or credit card payment. Please send payment to address above.

Please make checks payable in U.S. dollars to: Menil Foundation, Inc.

Charges for international wire transfer and/or currency exchange are to be paid by the purchaser, not deducted from this invoice.


Fees are charged for the purchase and rental of photographic images. Price depends on the type and size of photograph required, whether existing photography is available or new photography must be done, and the nature of the work.

The Menil Collection assumes no responsibility for any royalties claimed by the artist or on his/her behalf. In the case of works by living artists or other copyrighted materials, the burden of obtaining all necessary third-party copyright clearances rests with the requesting party. Applicant and/or publisher agree to obtain any necessary third-party copyright clearance, and shall indemnify the Menil Collection against any claims of copyright infringement.

Press Images

Professional journalists may request images to accompany media coverage of the museum, its special exhibitions and permanent collection installations from the Menil’s Communications Department at press@menil.org

The following credit line must be included in the caption, preferably on the page with the image:

  • The Menil Collection, Houston
  • Photographer credit line (if applicable)
  • The caption should state artist, title, and date (plus media and dimensions if the format permits,) as given on the Menil Collection photograph label or as otherwise specified in writing.
  • Unless explicitly approved by the Menil Collection, the reproduction may not be bled off the page, guttered, or cropped. If a detail is used, it must be specifically captioned as such.
  • No type, logo or other image may be superimposed on the reproduction.
  • A black-and-white reproduction may not be printed on color paper stock.
  • Applicant and/or publisher agrees to obtain any necessary third-party copyright clearance, and shall indemnify the Menil Collection against any claims of copyright infringement.