Corporate Support

The Menil offers a range of sponsorship opportunities at various levels of commitment including underwriting exhibitions, events, membership programs and the Menil public programming series—free educational events open to all of the public. Sponsorships can be customized and tailored to your corporation’s needs. Additionally, the Menil’s Corporate Partners Program allows corporations access to museum events and membership opportunities. Higher level corporate partners have access to host an event in the museum. Since the museum does not have a traditional rental program, this rare opportunity is only available to corporate supporters.

The Menil Collection is grateful to our corporate supporters:


In-Kind Supporters

City Kitchen
Eureka Heights
The Events Co.
Jackson & Company

Become a Partner or Sponsor

Partnerships with business leaders continue to be an essential component of the Menil Collection’s outreach in Houston. The Menil offers a range of sponsorship opportunities at various levels of commitment, including the underwriting of exhibitions, benefit events, and member and public programming.

Please contact Carolina Borja, Corporate Giving Officer, for more information on these opportunities at cborja@menil.org.

FY24 Corporate Committee

Victoria Salem, Chair
Azie Aziz
Elizabeth DeMontrond
Jeremy Finkelstein
Jesse Gonzalez
Chaz Klaes
Taylor Landry
Stephen Miranda
Janet Moore
David Moriniere
Jacob Quinn