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Digitizing Dada Periodicals in the Menil Library

Spread from Der Dada, No. 3, Berlin: Malik-Verlag, 1920. The Menil Collection Library, Special Collections

As part of our efforts to make the collections at the Menil Collection Library more visible, we have begun producing electronic surrogates of some of our most precious and important holdings. In January 2017 we completed the photography and cataloguing of four important Dadaist periodicals:

• Tzara, Tristan, Jean Arp, and Marcel Janco. 1918. Dada 3. Dada (Zurich), 3. Zurich: Mouvment Dada.
• Hausmann, Raoul. 1919. Der Dada: [no. 1]. Berlin: Malik-Verlag.
• Hausmann, Raoul. 1919. Der Dada: No. 2. Berlin: Malik-Verlag.
• Hausmann, Raoul, John Heartfield, and George Grosz. 1920. Der Dada: No. 3. Berlin: Malik-Verlag.

Full records with links to complete digital versions of these illustrated texts can be found in our catalogue here.

They can also be found in the Getty Research Portal, an online repository of key primary texts in the history of art from some of the most important art libraries in the world.

These periodicals include writings and illustrations from many of the most important artists and writers affiliated with the Berlin and Zurich Dada movements, including Tristan Tzara, Francis Picabia, Hans Arp, and George Grosz.

These works, which are too fragile for handling by the general public, can now be better preserved and reserved for exhibition in our galleries while being freely accessible to both scholars and the widest possible audience with an interest in this important moment in the history of modernism.

These four periodicals join our ever growing catalogue of electronic resources being offered by the Menil Collection Library, including over one-hundred of our exhibition gallery guides and highlights from our Special Collections, a complete catalogue of which can be found here.

Check back regularly to see what we are adding.