Short Features

Photograph of round terracotta lamp with molded image in center, a rectangular marble slab with gray veins, rust stains, and carved inscription, and two blue, green, and gold glass vessels
From the Collection, Understanding Art

Contextualizing a Roman Gravestone in the Menil Collection

Close-up angled view of tabletop filled with objects old and new, found and created, all carefully arranged
Contemporary Art, From the Collection

Dario Robleto’s Things Placed in the Sea, Become the Sea

A large cardboard box cut at the seems and flattened and hung on the wall, with another box protruding from lower center.
Materials and Methods, From the Collection

Through the Hands of Others: Rauschenberg’s National Spinning / Red / Spring (Cardboard)

A black vertical rectangular field with a zig-zagging line wending its way from lower left to upper right.
Contemporary Art, From the Collection, Art and Ideas

Zarina’s Abyss and the Veil of the Beloved

Ca 7102 rr01
Surrealism, From the Collection

Dorothea Tanning’s Cousins

1987 25 dj
Curating, From the Collection

Menil Audio: Affecting Presence and the Pursuit of Delicious Experience

Tl2005 037
Curating, From the Collection

Menil Audio: The Precarious

From the Collection, Art and Ideas

Two Yup'ik Masks at Home and Abroad