Menil in the News

Nov 20, 2023
Nestor Topchy’s Iconic Community, Real and Imagined
Nov 7, 2023
Finding the Divinity in Us All
The University of Houston
Nov 2, 2023
Modern Art Notes Podcast: Michelle White on Chryssa & New York
Modern Art Notes
Oct 27, 2023
One of Houstons Most Imaginative Artists Gets a Well-Deserved Moment — Nestor Topchy Is Featured In Two Exhibits
Oct 27, 2023
Ruth Asawa’s magnificent spirit transcends paper in delightful new show
The Washington Post
Oct 27, 2023
A Rare And Remarkable Hanne Darboven Retrospective Shows How The Artist Redefined Time And Language
Oct 27, 2023
The Menil Collection Examines the Breadth of the Work by German Conceptual Artist Hanne Darboven
Oct 25, 2023
A Houston Setting Like No Other — Majestic Oaks and Stunning Chandeliers Set the Stage for a Magical Menil Party in the Park
Oct 10, 2023
Coming Into Light: Chryssa & New York at the Menil
Arts and Culture Texas
Oct 8, 2023
Hanne Darboven’s Mastery of Time: A New Exhibit at the Menil Collection
Rain Magazine
Sep 29, 2023
Two New Menil Shows Salute Houston and New York With Neon Art and A 36-Foot Mural
Houston Chronicle
Sep 19, 2023
Portals to the Divine: Nestor Topchy at the Menil
Arts and Culture Texas
Sep 16, 2023
‘Drawing was her center of gravity’: another side of sculptor Ruth Asawa
The Guardian
Sep 14, 2023
Ruth Asawa: Solid Form Meets Thin Air
The New York Times
Sep 12, 2023
10 vivid and eye-catching September exhibitions no Houston art fan should miss
Sep 4, 2023
Art Shows and Exhibitions to See This Fall
The New York Times
Sep 2, 2023
Breaking Boundaries: Janet Sobel’s All-Over Artwork Claims the Spotlight at The Menil Collection
Rain Magazine
Sep 1, 2023
Hyperallergic Fall 2023 New York Art Guide
Aug 29, 2023
Close Looking in “Hyperreal: Gray Foy” at the Menil Drawing Institute, Houston
Aug 25, 2023
‘Iconic Portraits’ showcases 124 Houston images at the Menil, plus hidden painting process display
Houston Chronicle
Aug 23, 2023
Exploring Chryssa & New York: A Journey Into Neon, Innovation, and Art
Rain Magazine
Aug 9, 2023
50-Year-Plus Art Career Celebrated at The Menil — The Power of Walter Hopps’ Prolific Imagination
PaperCity Magazine
Aug 8, 2023
Meet Artist Nestor Topchy, the Mad Genius Hidden in Houston Heights
Texas Monthly
Aug 4, 2023
Art This Week-Hyperreal: Gray Foy-Kirsten Marples Interview
Art This Week
Aug 3, 2023
Portals to the Divine: The Iconic Portrait Strand by Nestor Topchy Opens at the Menil Collection
Houston InTown
Jul 27, 2023
An Art-Scene Power Player Honors Houston Creatives with Menil Portrait Show
Houston CityBook
Jul 24, 2023
The Iconic Portrait Strand by Nestor Topchy Takes Over the Menil Collection
Jul 8, 2023
‘The Curatorial Imagination of Walter Hopps’ Review: Seeing Like a Visionary
The Wall Street Journal
Jun 27, 2023
Don’t count out Houston’s Menil Collection for a Southeast Texas day trip
Beaumont Enterprise
Jun 1, 2023
A Texas Mid-Century Master - The Menil Drawing Institute adds 80 pieces by artist Gray Foy to its collection
OutSmart Magazine
Jun 1, 2023
‘Si Lewen: The Parade’ on exhibit at the Menil Drawing Institute
The Jewish Herald-Voice
Jun 1, 2023
Arts Organizations in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth Announce Hires, Departures & Promotions
May 25, 2023
Take a magnifying glass to the Menil Drawing Institute for two new shows with ties to World War II
Houston Chronicle
May 20, 2023
‘Essential to Human Experience’: The Menil Collection is an Art Museum for All
Sound of Life
May 20, 2023
‘Hyperreal: Gray Foy’ Draws Devotion at the Menil
Arts and Culture Texas
May 9, 2023
Art Seen: The Curatorial Imagination of Walter Hopps
The Brooklyn Rail