Mission Statement

The Menil Collection is committed to its founders’ belief that art is essential to human experience. Located in central Houston, the Menil fosters direct personal encounters with works of art, and welcomes all visitors free of charge to its museum buildings and surrounding green spaces.

Values Statement

The Menil’s institutional culture and actions are guided by the following core values:

  • Inclusivity
    We are committed to being equitable, inclusive, and welcoming to all people.

  • Integrity
    We strive toward transparency and accountability, and we actively work to combat bias and racism in all of our practices, interactions, and activities.

  • Empathy
    We are a small staff who work closely together. We listen to different points of view and are committed to acting with kindness, respect, and understanding toward one another.

  • Excellence
    We uphold the highest professional standards. We consistently strive to innovate those standards and exceed expectations.

  • Intellectual Curiosity
    Guided by our founders’ vision, we are committed to being socially and culturally aware, to pursuing new and challenging ideas, and to advancing new scholarship and new perspectives.

  • Community
    We aim to contribute to the cultural vibrancy of our diverse community by being a site for learning, sharing, and the free exchange of ideas. We are a thoughtful and active member of the Montrose and greater Houston community; we are a good neighbor and responsible partner.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

“Houston, this is your museum.” – Dominique de Menil

Firm in the belief that art is essential to human experience, the Menil Collection remains free to all, always. From their philanthropic vision to their work with artists, our founders sought to combat prejudice and champion social justice. This legacy lives on in our work and mission, to which diversity, inclusion, and equitable representation are fundamental.

True commitment to diversity and inclusion is an active process; we are dedicated to the work of listening, learning, and taking action that this ongoing commitment necessitates. It is our responsibility to reflect the diversity of our community, from our galleries and programming to our offices and green spaces. At the Menil, you are included, welcomed, and needed.