Public Program

Studio Practice at the Menil with Nestor Topchy

To celebrate the Menil Collection’s exhibition The Iconic Portrait Strand by Nestor Topchy, Houston artist Nestor Topchy invites the community inside his studio process of making icon portraits.

Topchy’s work connects to the Menil’s important holdings of religious icons that span fourteen centuries and include significant examples of devotional objects from the Byzantine Empire and Christian Orthodox traditions. His art creates a dialogue and invites viewers to explore the interplay between tradition and innovation, and between ancient sacred art and modern artistic expression. He will be creating new works on site that utilize gold leaf, pure pigments, and egg yolk on small wooden panels as seen in the exhibition. Audiences can see the process in real time and engage in conversations with the artist, gaining valuable insights into his inspiration, techniques, and his artistic vision.

Topchy’s on-site studio is located at 1509 Branard Street in the bungalow garage across from the museum’s main building. This rare glimpse into his creative world promises to be an enriching experience, fostering a deeper appreciation and accessibility to a living artist’s studio practice. This event is free and open to the public.