Special Event

35th Anniversary Gala

The Menil Collection presents Cirque Surréaliste: The Menil Collection’s 35th Anniversary Gala. This special event—occurring only once every five years—draws inspiration from the museum’s world-renowned collection of Surrealist art. With the theme of a 20th-century circus, the party’s theme and décor is inspired by Alexander Calder’s Two Acrobats, 1929, and Fernand Léger’s Julie, The Beautiful Cyclist, 1945, and Study for the Grand Parade, 1953-54.

This year’s gala also marks the Menil’s 35th anniversary. On June 4, 1987, the museum opened its doors to the public. Cirque Surréaliste celebrates Dominique and John’s distinctive and inclusive vision to make art accessible to all, bringing together supporters of the museum, the arts, and the city. This event promises to be a dynamic evening like no other, full of surprises and spectacle.

All proceeds directly support the Menil’s operations, which ensure the museum’s green spaces, art buildings, and programs remain free and open to all.

For more information, please contact Daisy Perez, Director of Special Events, at 713-535-3160 or dperez@menil.org.

PaperCity is the Exclusive Media Sponsor of the 35th Anniversary Gala. Click here to see PaperCity’s post-event coverage.

Cindy and David Fitch
Linda and George Kelly

Attire: Black Tie


Cindy & David Fitch / Linda & George Kelly
Larry Gagosian

Melanie Gray & Mark Wawro
Janet & Paul Hobby / Suzanne Deal Booth & LeMel Humes
Caroline Huber / Doug Lawing & Guy Hagstette / The John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation
Kathrine McGovern / McGovern Foundation
Franci Neely / Nina & Michael Zilkha
Bérengère Primat
The Sarofim Foundation

Hilda & Greg Curran
Kinder Foundation
Clare Casademont & Michael Metz
The Clarence Westbury Foundation
Kathryn & Richard Rabinow
Bill Stewart & Johanna Brassert

Ackerley Family
Chinhui & Eddie Allen / Isabel & Ransom Lummis
Walter Bering
Bettie Cartwright
Julie & John Cogan, Jr.
Cynthia & Ben Guill
Agnes Gund Hauser & Wirth
Dillon Kyle & Sam Lasseter
Debbie Hurwitz & Bruce Herzog / Latham & Watkins
La Colombe d’Or
Cornelia Long
Nancy McGregor Manne & Neal Manne
Susan & Francois de Menil Susanne & William Pritchard III
Isla & Thomas Reckling III
Noelle & Eric Reed
Leslie & Shannon Sasser
Whalley Family
Elizabeth & Barry Young / Traci & John Young