Special Event


The Menil Collection’s much-anticipated spring event, Constellations, will be held at the museum on the evening of Thursday, April 29, 2021. The festive dinner will draw inspiration from the Spanish artist Joan Miró’s Constellations series, now on display in the Menil’s Surrealism galleries.

Richmond Hall will be transformed into a celestial, celebratory venue for the al fresco reception and dinner. Each table seats eight guests and is available at $15,000 and $10,000. Individual tickets are not available.

Please use the form below to purchase tickets. For more information, please contact Brandon Bourque, Manager of Special Events, at bbourque@menil.org or (713) 535-3160.

Founder Table

Agnes Gund ∙ Franci Neely

Contributor Table

Cindy and David Fitch / Linda and George Kelly ∙ Cullen Geiselman ∙ Carol and Neil Kelley ∙ Doug Lawing and Guy Hagstette ∙ Marley Lott ∙ Scott and Judy Nyquist/ Lea Weingarten ∙ Kathryn and Richard Rabinow ∙ Louisa Stude Sarofim ∙ Bill Stewart

Sponsor Table

Gail and Louis Adler/ Lois and George Stark ∙ Leslie and Brad Bucher ∙ Mike and Diane Cannon/ Julie and John Cogan ∙ De Beers Diamond Jewellers ∙ Janet and Paul Hobby ∙ Jerry Ann Woodfin Costa and Victor Costa ∙ Tom Wessel

Sponsor Individuals

Melza and Ted Barr ∙ Katharine Barthelme and Shane Frank ∙ Courtney Barton ∙ Libba and Geer Blalock ∙ Tripp Carter ∙ Bettie Cartwright ∙ Renee Cary ∙ Jereann Chaney ∙ Megan Davis ∙ Krista and Mike Dumas ∙ Barbara and Michael Gamson ∙ Heidi and David Gerger ∙ Elizabeth Gregory and Johnny Chippman ∙ Sheri Henriksen ∙ Bryn Larsen ∙ Nancy Littlejohn ∙ Libbie Masterson ∙ Elisabeth McCabe ∙ Gretchen McFarland ∙ Mary Hale McLean ∙ Cabrina Owsley ∙ Elisa and Cris Pye ∙ Beverly and Howard Robinson ∙ Karlsson and Brian Salek ∙ Sarah Beth and Paul Seifert ∙ Lisa Sherrill ∙ Carey Shuart ∙ Mia and Peter Smith ∙ Leigh and Reggie Smith ∙ Phoebe and Bobby Tudor ∙ Bridget and Patrick Wade ∙ Katherine Warren ∙ Ann and Mathew Wolf ∙ Elizabeth and Barry Young ∙ Jane and Daniel Zilkha ∙ Harry and Erla Zuber

The Menil Collection is appreciative of these friends who have given their creativity, time, and services to make this evening possible.

Bergner & Johnson
Blue Lapis Light
Jackson & Company
MAXIT Flower Design