Menil Contemporaries

Menil Contemporaries Fund Park Crawl

What is the Menil Contemporaries Fund?

The Menil Contemporaries has joined The Campaign for the Menil through the creation of the Menil Contemporaries Fund, a $250,000 crowdfunding effort.

What will the Menil Contemporaries Fund support?

Determined by a vote at the Menil Contemporaries Fund Dinner on June 2, 2016, the Fund will support campus greening—helping to ensure the development, maintenance and preservation of the Menil’s green spaces for years to come.

How can I support the Menil Contemporaries Fund?

Contributions, of any size, will help us reach our goal of $250,000 for this important fund. With your gift, you not only support campus greening efforts but you also provide vital financial support to the Menil as part of the historic The Campaign for the Menil. The Menil Contemporaries Fund is your opportunity to have an impact not only on this campaign but on the future of the Menil Collection.

The Menil Collection is grateful to the following individuals for their generous lead commitments to the Menil Contemporaries Fund:

Liz Anders & Associates

Wirt Blaffer and Nina Delano

Sara Cain

Kelly and Russell Hamman

Sara Kelly

Joshua Newcomer and Tejal Shah

Lester and Penelope Marks

John McLaughlin

R. Whitney and Katie Mears

Jessica Phifer

Ina and Philip Riley

Paul and Sarah Beth Seifert

Judd Swanson