Public Program

Dionysia 2016: A Return Home

Speak, Memory: Stories of Our Odyssey. A Return Home (Books 20–24)

This program concludes the 8th annual Dionysia presented by the Center for Creative Work (CCW) at The Honors College, University of Houston; the festival begins April 22, 2016.

As the four featured books of The Odyssey recount the story of Ulysses’ return home, this year’s Dionysia explores in parallel some journeys of Houstonians and the challenges and rewards that bring them back home. This program culminates a five-day adventure and features the vocalist Misha Penton, the poet, playwright and Houston native Thomas Meloncon, and the renowned classicist and translator of Greek and Latin classics Stanley Lombardo. Come hear the Sirens’ song, an interplay of poems and soliloquies with jazz beats, and bardic chanting in the Homeric tradition.

Each spring, the CCW’s Dionysia brings together actors, artists, directors, choreographers, costumers, musicians, and storytellers from the Honors College and Houston community to create performances steeped in research and creative development. The present and future of Dionysia lie in its ability to bring together the UH community and to reach out to the city of Houston through performances and conferences.

Visit the Menil’s collection of Classical art from the Mediterranean and hear three different vocal performers speak to home and other stories.