Special Event

Who R U? Menil Children’s Costume Party

The Menil’s annual children’s Halloween fundraiser returns this fall. Fantastic new surprises will join favorite activities such as the petting zoo, camel rides, craft activities, and rock-climbing wall for an afternoon of fun for kids of all ages, and the young at heart. Watch the Menil Park come alive with laughter and excitement for this Menil tradition, the eleventh annual Who R U?

Host Committee

Nancy and Butch Abendshein ∙ Eddie and Chinhui Allen ∙ Liz and David Anders ∙ Georgina and Thad Armstrong ∙ Laura and John Arnold ∙ Sara and Philip Beck ∙ Danya and Clint Bogart ∙ Kathryn and William Bragan ∙ Laurence and Henry Bragg ∙ Bettie Cartwright ∙ Clare Casademont ∙ Cindi and Bob Colvin ∙ Hilda and Greg Curran ∙ Samer and Lama Danial ∙ The David Family ∙ Paul and Marie Davis ∙ Carolyn and Chris Dorros ∙ Bevin and Daniel Dubrowski ∙ Genna and Jon Evans ∙ Marita and J.B. Fairbanks ∙ Jeff Fort ∙ Mrs. Milane D. Frantz ∙ Jay and Mary Howell Gann ∙ Morgan and Patrick Garvey ∙ Andrea and Matt Gentle ∙ Eleanor and Dan Gilbane ∙ Glen Gonzalez and Steve Summers ∙ Lauren and Herschel Hamner ∙ Lauren and Warren Harris ∙ Lindsay and Rand Holstead ∙ Leslie and Mark Hull ∙ Mrs. Anika Jackson ∙ Nicole and Evan H. Katz ∙ Shelly and David Katz ∙ Fadila and Paal Kibsgaard ∙ Jennifer and Chris Laporte ∙ William, Nancy, and Brielle Mathé ∙ Mary Hale Lovett McLean ∙ Melissa and Michael Mithoff ∙ Franci Neely ∙ Cabrina and Steven Owsley ∙ Hattie Parker ∙ Jessica Phifer ∙ Elisa and Cris Pye ∙ Eric and Noelle Reed ∙ Vanessa and Tony Sanchez III ∙ Scott and Stephanie Sanders ∙ Courtney and Christopher Sarofim ∙ Louisa Stude Sarofim ∙ Leslie and Shannon Sasser ∙ Jennifer Segal ∙ Sarah Beth and Paul Seifert ∙ Brooke and Josh Shepard ∙ Janwa and Suhail Sikhtian ∙ Kelly and Nicholas Silvers ∙ Lisa and Jerry Simon ∙ Sarah and Gregg Snyder ∙ Anne and Bill Stewart ∙ Aliyya and Herman Stude ∙ Dawn, Eric, Caroline, and Will Swanson ∙ Monsour Taghdisi and Henry Richardson ∙ Bill and Courtney Toomey ∙ Ms. Chantal Van Riet and Mr. Edward Rosenthal ∙ Shannon and John Ware ∙ Mark Wawro and Melanie Gray ∙ Kelli and John Weinzierl ∙ Marcy and Tom Wessel ∙ Michelle White and Haden Garrett ∙ Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wood ∙ Kelley and Donald Young