Public Program

Copley, Comics, and Alternative Figures in American Art

Curator Toby Kamps sits down with artists Dan Nadel and Trenton Doyle Hancock to discuss American artist William N. Copley in the tradition of eccentric figuration in the United States and his influence on contemporary artists.

Dan Nadel is a New York curator, critic, and bookseller. His books include Art Out of Time (Unknown Comics Visionaries) and Art in Time (Unknown Comic Book Adventures). In 2014, Nadel curated What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art: 1960 to the Present at the RISD Museum, a project which included work by William N. Copley and laid out “a hidden history of American figurative painting, sculpture and popular imagery.” Houston artist Trenton Doyle Hancock is a painter and drawer, who, like Copley, has crafted his own eccentric, fantastical visual universe. Coincidently, Dan Nadel edited and published Hancock’s 2006 book Me A Mound.

Free admission. Seating limited.