Votive Statuette of a Schematic Type Depicting a Walking Naked Male Figure, 5th century BCE
Italy, South Umbria, South Umbria
Copper alloy
3 3/16 × 2 3/8 × ¾ in. (8.1 × 6 × 1.9 cm)
3-D Object/Sculpture
CA 64065

Ca 64065 20220629 v04 m
Ca 64065 20220629 v03 m
Ca 64065 20220629 v02 m
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This small statuette represents a human figure in motion. In a wide stance with the right arm held backwards, the figure may have once held another object such as a spear. Although the details are unclear, the figure appears to wear a simple helmet over short hair, which would most likely classify him as a male warrior. Based on comparable objects, it shares similarities with other statuettes in an attacking position identified as the warrior god Mars that were produced in the region of southern Umbria, Italy. No archaeological provenience (findspot) for this object is known.