Lee Bontecou: Drawn Worlds

Lee Bontecou: Drawn Worlds

Michelle White, with contributions by Dore Ashton and Joan Banach
9 3/4 × 11 1/2 inches
144 pages

Published 2014


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The first survey of more than 50 years of drawn work by American artist Lee Bontecou (b. 1931), this book examines the artist’s consistently innovative techniques, impressively varied imagery, and thematic concerns and their historical context. Though her sculpture has garnered the most attention, drawing has long been an important component of Bontecou’s artistic practice. Known for forms at once organic and mechanistic, her works on paper are populated by imagery that ranges from black voids to mechanomorphs and hybrid descendants of teeth, plants, and fish. Lee Bontecou: Drawn Worlds traces the arc of her oeuvre from early soot works created using powder from a welding torch to recent drawings in pencil and colored pencil that evoke cosmoses and microcosmic worlds. Includes a drawing chronology and selected exhibition history and bibliography.

About the Authors
Michelle White is curator at the Menil Collection. She recently co-curated Barnett Newman: The Late Work (2015) and Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective (2011) and was a principal contributor to both catalogues.

Dore Ashton is a revered art critic and art historian. Among her numerous publications on modern art are The New York School: A Cultural Reckoning (1992) and About Rothko (1983).

Joan Banach is an artist and art writer based in New York City.