Open Now
Wed–Sun 11am–7pm
Free Admission
1533 Sul Ross St.
Houston, TX 77006
Open Now
Wed–Sun 11am–7pm
Free Admission
1533 Sul Ross St.
Houston, TX 77006



Director’s Office

  • Rebecca Rabinow, Director
  • Elsian Cozens, Director’s Office Liaison
  • Maryhelen Murray, Assistant to the Director and Liaison for External Affairs


  • Ileana Del Toro, Chief Financial Officer
  • Brandon Conner, Budget and Financial Manager
  • Earline Gray, Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
  • Rosivel Gutierrez, Accounting Specialist
  • Shiow-Chyn (Susie) Liao, Assistant Controller
  • Betty Ann McNair, Interim Controller
  • Xinyi (Olivia) Zhang, General Ledger Accountant

Human Resources

  • Suzanne Maloch, Director of Human Resources
  • Patrice Ashley, Benefits Coordinator


  • Judy Waters, Director of Advancement
  • Qasim Ali, Visitor and Membership Desk Assistant
  • Katy Barber, Manager of Development Services
  • Carrie Ermler, Manager of Membership and Visitor Services
  • Sarah Farley, Advancement Coordinator
  • Jeremy Faulk, Manager of Foundation Relations
  • Samuel Ferrigno, Manager of Individual Giving
  • Seneca Garcia, Visitor and Membership Desk Assistant, Menil Drawing Institute
  • Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, Visitor and Membership Desk Assistant
  • Monique Harris, Visitor and Membership Desk Assistant
  • Madeline Kelly, Associate Director of Individual Giving
  • Lena Khattab, Manager of Patron Programs
  • Andrew Kozma, Branard Street Receptionist
  • Patrice McCracken, Prospect Researcher
  • Anna Nugent, Membership Associate
  • Jasmine Saing, Development Services Associate
  • Kaneem Smith, Visitor and Membership Desk Assistant
  • Kimberly Vera, Member Events Coordinator
  • Katie White Wisian, Corporate Giving Officer
  • Breanna Word, Special Events Assistant


  • Lilly Carrel, Archivist
  • Lisa Barkley, Archival Associate


  • Paul Forsythe, Manager
  • Bozena (Bozi) Dobrijevic, Bookstore Associate

Collection Management

  • Susan Slepka Anderson, Director of Collection Management
  • Stephanie Harris Akin, Senior Associate Registrar, Loans and Exhibitions
  • David Aylsworth, Collections Registrar
  • Catherine Fitzgerald Eckels, Registrar, Menil Drawing Institute
  • Anna Foret, Senior Assistant Registrar, Loans, and Exhibitions
  • Chris Henry, Art Preparator
  • Russ Lane, Associate Art Preparator
  • Margaret McKee, Digital Asset Manager
  • Ole Petersen, Art Preparator
  • Alex Rosas, Associate Art Preparator, Menil Drawing Institute
  • Tony Rubio, Chief Preparator
  • Julie Thies, Head of TMS Administration
  • Charles Patrick Yarrington, Art Preparator


  • Bradford Epley, Chief Conservator
  • Dominic Clay, Conservation Technician, Menil Drawing Institute
  • Joy Bloser, Assistant Objects Conservator
  • Jan Burandt, Paper Conservator
  • Chloe Cook, Conservation Coordinator
  • James Craven, Conservation Imaging Specialist
  • Annie Daubert, Conservation Records Administrator
  • Desi (Peters) Dijkema, Assistant Paintings Conservator
  • Kari Dodson, Objects Conservator
  • Mina Gaber, Matter/Framer
  • Anne Schmid, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Painting Conservation

Public Programs

  • Lauren Pollock, Manager of Public Programs
  • Tony Martinez, Programs Coordinator


  • Edouard Kopp, John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation Chief Curator, Menil Drawing Institute
  • Michelle White, Senior Curator
  • Nadia Al-Khalifah, Administrative Assistant, Curatorial Department
  • Danielle Bennett, Curatorial Associate
  • Brianne Chapelle, Administrative Assistant, Menil Drawing Institute
  • Paul R. Davis, Curator of Collections
  • Natalie Dupêcher, Associate Curator of Modern Art
  • Clare Elliott, Associate Research Curator
  • Molly Everett, Curatorial Assistant, Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Kelly Montana, Assistant Curator, Menil Drawing Institute
  • Sarah Beth Wilson, Exhibitions Manager

Exhibition Design

  • Brooke Stroud, Exhibitions Designer
  • Kent Dorn, Assistant Exhibitions Designer

External Affairs

  • Sarah Hobson, Assistant Director of Communications
  • Sara Beck, Communications Manager
  • Amanda Thomas, Graphic Designer

Information Technology

  • Buck Bakke, Information Technology Manager
  • Albert Diaz, III, Assistant Network Support Technician


  • Lauren Gottlieb-Miller, Librarian
  • Robin Key, Assistant Librarian

Museum Facilities/Operations

  • Wesley Haines, Director of Facilities
  • Melissa McDonnell Luján, Director of Project Development
  • Chris Akin, Mailroom Clerk/Receptionist
  • Juan Buenrostro, Custodian
  • Carl Chaney, Custodian
  • Nick Cedillo, Lead Custodian
  • Bridget Eldredge, Maintenance Assistant/Relief Control Room
  • Ernest Flores, Maintenance Assistant
  • Roberto Gonzalez, Grounds and Custodial Supervisor
  • Jack Patterson, Facilities Coordinator
  • Alvin Ramirez, Groundskeeper
  • Jose Soriano Salazar, Groundskeeper
  • Shivnaraine Sewnauth, Facilities Engineer
  • Philip Soto, Maintenance Assistant
  • Javier Verduzco, Custodian


  • Joseph N. Newland, Director of Publishing
  • Nancy O'Connor, Associate Editor

Safety and Security

  • Sgt. Glenn Shepherd, Director of Safety and Security
  • Ramona Al-Hardani, Gallery Attendant
  • Vicente Ancheta, Gallery Attendant
  • Arceli Arcilla, Gallery Attendant
  • Cynthia Ballard, Gallery Attendant
  • Delana Bunch, Gallery Attendant
  • Sabina Causevic, Gallery Attendant
  • Megan Cekander, Gallery Attendant
  • William Cuevas, Control Room Monitor
  • Rodolfo Fornillos, Jr., Gallery Attendant
  • Jon'Tyria Garrett, Gallery Attendant
  • Latisha Gilbert, Gallery Attendant Supervisor
  • Jamarcus Gilmore, Gallery Attendant
  • Tony Gipson, Gallery Attendant
  • William Gomez, Gallery Attendant
  • Jorge González, Gallery Attendant
  • Nydia Gutierrez, Gallery Attendant
  • Vera Hadzic, Gallery Attendant
  • Earl Harris, Control Room Monitor
  • Shawnie Hunt, Control Room Monitor
  • Sossina Kenfere, Gallery Attendant
  • Bordin Keplar, Gallery Attendant
  • Reynaldo Legaspi, Gallery Attendant
  • Alma Penpillo Harder, Gallery Attendant
  • Jesper Panessah, Gallery Attendant
  • Enelra Joyce Rizalde, Gallery Attendant
  • Meichelle Robinson, Gallery Attendant
  • Kenneth Sherman, Gallery Attendant
  • Mirzama Sisic, Gallery Attendant Supervisor
  • Konjit Tekletsadik, Gallery Attendant
  • Toren Thornton, Gallery Attendant
  • Eric Valdez, Control Room Monitor
  • Jesse Villareal, Gallery Attendant
  • Jacqueline Yagao, Gallery Attendant
  • Macario Yagao, Gallery Attendant